Fuorisalone 2017


In occasion of the Salone del Mobile, Source has organized the exhibition “Obstacles and Solutions” curated by Valia Barriello.
At Frida, the historic pub in Isola Design District, the exhibition will have to focus about difficulties encountered by designers in the self-production.
Paolo D’Ippolito with group Codice will present the obstacles encountered in the design and realization of pitchers Trinca in blown glass.
In Their design the function is helped by the design details and by the variable thickness of the glass.

When: from april 4 to 9, 2017.

Where: Frida, via del Pollaiuolo 3, Isola Design District, Milan.

Source temporary shop

When:  from novembre, 27 2015 to  january, 10 2016

What:  a temporary store by Source Firenze

Where:  via Maggio 53/r, Florence, Italy

A  temporary store dedicated to self-produced  design with some Codice products.

Vernissage:  27 novembre, 27 at  6 pm.

Open:  10.00-19.30 (sunday-monday 15.00-19.30)

Fuorisalone Codice 2015

Fuorisalone at Milano design week 2015

When:   april,  14-19,  2015
What:   Livingooh in Wonderland – Italian excellence companies for italian products design
Where:  Opificio 31: via Tortona, 31 Milan, Italy

Codice at Fuorisalone 2015

Codice has selected “wine” as the leitmotiv of its presence in Milan at Livingooh’s Fuorisalone. Three of its products, result of research and artisan skills, will be exhibited in the magic atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland.
‘Mezzaluna’, with its ergonomic grip is the organic decanter by Leonardo Rossano and Debora Mansur. Made with boron-silicate blown glass are the elegant reversible drinking glasses ‘BB’ by Anna Maria Cardillo that propose the merging of two glasses into one. While ‘Tannino’, the display bottle holder by Paolo D’Ippolito, brings the wine back to where it was aged – in oak.
A journey into contemporary design through the atmosphere created from the Nectar of the gods.

Fuorisalone at Milano design week 2014

When:  during the Salone del Mobile di Milano, april 8-13 2014
What:   Non solo design – oggetti d’arte e oltre (Not only design – art object and over)
Where:  SEICENTRO, via Savona, 99 Milan, Italy

Fiuto Rama, well-known artist from Milan, invited Paolo D’Ippolito to design a piece of furniture inspired by his logo. Result is FiutoLibre, a bookcase with a strong visual appeal.